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Green Christmas

Regular price $4.00

  • 1/4in birch wood
  • Cookie tray- approx. 5.5 x 3.4in
  • Gnome Sign- approx. 10 x 6 in
  • Santa ornament- approx. 3.40 x 4in
  • G wording small dangles (E)- approx. 0.50 x 1.45in
  • G wording Regular dangles (B)- approx. 0.75 x 1.85in
  • G wording small Stud dangls (D)

    approx. 0.55 x 2in

  • G wording regular stud dangles (A)

    approx. 0.75 x 2.45 in

  • G wording lime green small dangles (F)-

    approx 0.50 x 1.45in

  • G wording lime green regular dangles (C)

    approx 0.75 x 1.85in